How to View Message Task’s History (Audit Trail)

You can always see the events that have taken place with tasks in a message. TaxDome’s audit log allows you to find out when someone:

  • added a client task to a message
  • deleted a client task to a message
  • marked a client task as completed

To view task's history in a message, click on the three dots icon to the far right of the message’s title either in the messages list or when you're viewing a single message, then click Task Audit Trail.

In the Audit Trail window, you’ll find the following information about a message’s history:

  • ACCOUNT NAME: The organization’s or client account. 
  • USER: The first name, last name, and email address of any user who has made changes to client tasks.
  • EVENT: An event that took place with a task. 
  • SERVER TIME: The time that the event took place on TaxDome. The time is shown in UTC.
  • CLIENT TIME: The time in the user’s location when the event took place. The difference between UTC and the user’s location time is also displayed.
  • IP ADDRESS: The IP address of the user who made changes.
  • BROWSER: The browser used when the event took place.