Mobile: Managing the Messages

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Communicating With the Accountant 

To view a message and answer it, tap the message's title in Messages section or tap the push notification you've received. Here you can:

  • Communicate with the accountant by typing in the message field. Tap the SEND button to save your message.
  • View or download files uploaded by your accountant.
  • Upload, view, download, or delete files that you have uploaded.

Carefully read the message from the accountant, then type your answer in the message field. Tap the SEND button to save your message.

Uploading Requested Files

In a message you may be asked to upload documents (e.g. Form W2, 1099-MISC, 1099-K, 1099-SA etc.). The maximum upload file size allowed is 100 MB.

You can upload files from your device (e.g. photos of docs) or add files that have been uploaded to TaxDome previously. 

To add files from TaxDome, tap + UPLOAD FILE, then From TaxDome, then select the year and tap the file name. All the files from Your Documents section are available here. 

To upload files from your device:

1. Tap + Upload FILE, then From My Computer, then tap the + ADD DOCUMENTS button and locate on your device the files you wish to upload:

2. Select the year to which the document belongs (optional).

3. Add an optional text description (up to 150 characters).

4. Select the folder to which the document will be uploaded. If a folder is not selected, the document is saved to the Unsorted or to the selected year folder .

5. Tap  UPLOAD to add the document to the message.

Deleting a Document from a Message

If you have uploaded the wrong document, you can easily remove it from the system by tapping he x icon located next to the file name. 

Viewing a Document from a Message

You can view any of the files that have been uploaded to the messages section by either you or your accountant. Simply tap Firm Uploaded Files or Client Uploaded Documents to expand the file list, then tap the eye icon. Tap Close to return to the messages window.

Please note: preview is not supported for some file types (e.g. PDF). If preview is unavailable, you'll be offered to download your file instead. You will be able to view it in an external application.

Downloading a Document from a Message

You can download any files that have been uploaded to the messages section by you or by your accountant.

To download a file onto your computer or device:

1. Tap  Firm Uploaded Files or Client Uploaded Documents to expand the files list, then tap the download icon. 

2. Tap  Allow to get TaxDome access to photos, media, and files on your device (this need be done only once)

3. Select the location to which files will be saved.