Managing Firm Prepared Documents

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Firm Prepared Documents - Overview

All files uploaded by the accountant(s) are stored in the Documents > Firm Prepared Documents section. Once you have a new firm prepared document, you will see a notification in the menu. 

The following information is available here:

  • NAME. The document title and the file type icon next to the title. 
  • DATE UPLOADED. The date that the document was uploaded. The documents are grouped by year. 
  • DESCRIPTION. The description is optional. It might have bee added by the accountant when they uploaded the file to the system. 

Locked Documents

The final documents uploaded by the preparers are usually locked. To unlock the document, you must pay the associated bill. Once the document is unlocked, it can be previewed and downloaded. If the document is locked you will see the SETTLE BILL button next to its name. To unlock the file: 

  1. Click the SETTLE BILL button
  2. Review the bill information and click SUBMIT
  3. Enter your personal details and your card details, and proceed with the payment
  4. Once payment has been made, the document will be instantly unlocked. You will now be able to view and download it.

Previewing a Document

You can preview files prepared by the firm by using the built-in document viewer. Simply click on the document's name or on the eye icon to open the viewer. Click CLOSE to return to the list of files.

Viewing Documents History (or File Audit Trail)

You can always see what events have taken place with the firm's uploaded files. The audit log makes it easy to find out when the user has uploaded, viewed, downloaded, signed, renamed, approved, or disapproved a document. It can also tell you if you opted out of electronic signature.

To access a document’s history, click on the ellipsis icon, then click on Audit Trail.

You can also access the Audit Trail link from the document viewer.

The following info is available here:

  • USER. The first name, last name, and email of the user who accessed the file.
  • EVENT. The event that took place with the file. 
  • SERVER TIME. The system time that the event took place
  • CLIENT TIME.  The user’s time that the event took place
  • IP ADDRESS. The IP address of the user who accessed the file
  • BROWSER. The Browser in which the event took place.

Downloading a Document

You can also download files prepared by the firm.

To download a file to your computer or device: 

  1. Click the download icon.

Note: Or access the download link from the document viewer.

2. If prompted, choose where you would like to save the file, then click Save.

3. When the download finishes, you will usually see it appear at the bottom of your browser window. Click on the file's name to open the downloaded document (Please see How to Specify Where Files Are Downloaded for more information).

Searching a Document

To search for documents, type the title in the Search field, then click on Enter.

The document list will be narrowed in accordance with the specified parameters.

Filtering Documents

Filters are useful when you need to see documents that meet specific criteria. For example, you can quickly find PDF files that refer to the 2017 tax year.

To filter the list of firm prepared documents:

  1. Click the Filter button
  2. Use filtering by Year Uploaded or by File Type. You may use all filters or just some of them. 
  3. Click Apply filter.

The list will be narrowed in accordance with the specified parameters.