How to Approve Firm Prepared Documents

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What is Document Approval?

Once you have paid your invoice, you will be able to download the documents that have been prepared by your accountant. To make sure that you are satisfied with their work and to make corrections easier, you can review and approve firm-prepared documents. If you are not satisfied, you can indicate the reason.

If you have documents that are awaiting approval, you will see a notification on your Dashboard. Click the notification to navigate to the document.

All documents that are awaiting your approval, are being displayed in the Waiting for action block in the Documents section.

The following information about the pending document is available here:

  • NAME. This is the document’s title. You can see the file type icon next to the title. 
  • STATUS. The status of the document—Pending Approval.

To review and approve a document, click on the document title, then review the contents of the file in the built-in document viewer. If approval was requested for a document that was locked by an invoice, you will need to pay that invoice first.

Approving Firm Prepared Documents 

If you are satisfied with the prepared document, click on the green  I Approve button, then click Approve in the confirmation window.

Rejecting Firm Prepared Documents 

If you are not satisfied with the prepared document: 

  1. Click on the red I Disapprove button, then indicate the reason for rejection. 
  2. If you have any additional reasons, click Add another reason. Otherwise, click Submit.

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