Completing an Organizer

Your documents cannot be prepared without your accountant obtaining some essential information from you. An organizer is an easy way to provide that info to your accountant. Your accountant creates custom question sets specifically for your situation.

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Completing an Organizer

You will receive an email notification when an organizer is sent to you to complete.

Once you have a new organizer, you will see a notification in the main menu

In the Organizer tab, you can see the organizers waiting for you.

Answers auto-save every time you make an entry, so you can safely close and resume at any point.

Your answers are saved after every field change, so you can close the Organizers section & resume the questions on another day or on another computer without losing any info you have already entered. You can also edit the information that you have already entered as many times as you'd like.

To continue working on an Organizer that you have already started, or to make changes to the information that you’ve already entered, navigate to  Organizers section, then click the organizer's title. All changes made to the organizer will be automatically saved.

Once you’ve answered all the questions in your Organizer, you can submit it for review. Click the SUBMIT button. Submitting the Organizer will let your accountant know that the questions have been answered and that it's time for them to be reviewed. They will check it to make sure it contains all of the information they need in order to start working on your documents.

Uploading Files

While completing your Organizer you may be be asked to upload documents that are needed for tax preparation (e.g. Form W2, 1099-MISC, 1099-K, Canadian T-1, 1099-SA etc). You can upload PDFs, Word files, Excel files, images, and ZIP archive files.

You can upload files from your computer or add files that have been uploaded to TaxDome previously. 

To add files from TaxDome, click  Upload Files, then From TaxDome, then select the year and click on the file name. All the files from Your Documents section are available here. 

To upload files from your computer:

1. Click Upload Files, then From my computer, then click the ADD DOCUMENTS button and locate on your computer the files you wish to upload:

  • To add several files from one folder, select multiple files from that one folder by holding down the Ctrl key while selecting the files. 
  • To add files from another folder, simply click on the ADD DOCUMENTS button again. 
  • To add all files from a folder, click on the ADD FOLDER button. 

2. Select the year to which the document belongs (optional).

3. Add an optional text description (up to 150 characters).

4. Select the folder to which the document will be uploaded. If a folder is not selected, the document is saved to the  Unsorted or to the selected year folder .

5. Click  Upload to add the document to the system.