Creating & Completing Organizers

In order to start working on your forms, your tax preparer will need some basic essential information from you. Organizers are questionnaires that are custom-tailored to your specific tax situation and are used to gather that info. Either you or your tax preparer can create the organizers you will need.

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Creating Organizers

An organizer can be created either by you or your accountant.

You can also create an organizer based on one of the templates created by the accounting firm you use. Go to the Organizers page, click New Organizer, select a template from the list, then click Create. Then begin answering the questions provided.

Entering Information in Organizers

When you’re required to complete an organizer, you’ll see notifications in the Organizers category on the Home and Organizers pages. You’ll also receive an email notification when an organizer has been sent to you to be filled out.

You can also receive the same notification to complete the previously submitted organizer, if the firm manager has decided to unsubmit and resend it to you.

When you open the Organizers tab, you’ll see organizers that need to be completed in the Waiting for action block. Click on any organizer to open it.

The list of all your organizers and their statuses, whether pending or completed, will be shown below.

Click on the organizer name to open it and fill in the required information in the Questions subtab. Any entries or changes you make are automatically saved, so you can close an organizer at any time, then resume working on it later or from another computer without losing anything. You can edit it as many times as you like.

To continue working on an organizer that you’ve already started, go to Organizers, then click on the organizer name.

Copying Sections

When completing an organizer, you may need to replicate sections to include all of your information. For instance, you may want to add the details for a second or even third bank account. In this case, you would reproduce the bank section as many times as you need to. And you can delete sections if you add too many.

Note: If you don’t see Repeat section at the bottom of a section, it is because your accountant didn’t include it.

Uploading Files

While completing an organizer, you might need to upload documents (for example, a W2, 1099-MISC, 1099-K, Canadian T-1, or 1099-SA).

You’ll have the option to upload files from your computer or from your TaxDome account.

To upload files from TaxDome, click Add document, then From TaxDome. Select the folder and click on the file’s name. All files in folders with Client can view and edit access are available.

To upload files from your computer:

1. Click Add document, then From My Computer and locate the files on your desktop:

  • To add several documents from one folder, select them while holding down the Ctrl key.
  • To add files from another folder, click on Add document again.

4. Click Save to add the document to TaxDome. The file is saved to the Client uploaded documents folder.

All documents uploaded to an organizer are displayed in it's Documents subtab.

Pre-Populating and Copying Previous Organizers

In many situations, information doesn't change year to year. So, when you fill the same organizer every month or year, you may want to roll your information forward from the previous organizer to save time.

When you have at least one similar organizer submitted, you will see the prompt to pre-fill your answers once you open the newly received form. Click the Pre-fill answers link and all the responses to the questions in the previous organizer will be automatically filled in. 

If you have two or more organizers that have been submitted earlier, you'll be able to select the one that should be used for pre-filling answers by clicking Change source. You still can update your responses when necessary. 

After this, the organizer is ready to be submitted.

Note: Documents must be uploaded manually each time, so sections requiring you to upload documents will not be pre-filled automatically.

You can also compare your current organizer with previous ones and copy answers or download files from them. To do so, click on the Compare answers link on the top right and select any previous organizer from the dropdown with the organizer names.

You'll see your current organizer on the left and the previous one on the right. You can:

  • Click on any section to view it
  • Copy an answer by clicking the button to the right of it
  • Download and preview files by clicking the buttons to the right of the file name

Click X at the top right to close the previous organizer.

Submitting Organizers

Once you’ve completed an organizer, submit it for review by clicking Save and submit. This will let your accountant know that the organizer is completed. They’ll check it to make sure it contains all the information they need to start getting to work on your documents.

If you’ve only partially completed the organizer and are not ready to submit it, click Save as draft. Any changes you’ve made will be saved, and the organizer will remain in Pending status.

Some questions in an organizer are optional, while others are mandatory. You cannot submit an organizer until all mandatory questions have been answered.

Printing Organizers

You can print the organizer if you want to store your information on paper. To print the organizer, whether pending or completed, click the Print icon to the right of the organizer in the list.

Your browser will prompt you to print the organizer.

Note: The unanswered questions won’t print.

You can find the number of questions in the left of the organizer name. Note, that only question blocks are counted, the text blocks are not.

What “Archived” Means

Once the organizer is no longer needed, your accountant archives it, but you can still make changes to it. These organizers are moved to the Archived subtab.

What “Sealed” Means

Your accountant can seal organizers. Once an organizer is sealed, you can no longer edit it. You’ll see a Sealed tag letting you know that no more changes can be made.

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