How to Sign Documents

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What Does E-sign Mean?

Electronic Signature has been recognized by laws in the USA, Canada, European countries, and Australia since the early 2000s. It means that you won’t have to take time out of your busy day to come to visit your accountant’s office, you won’t have to print it, sign it, scan it, and then send the document back. Instead, you’re able to sign the document directly from your client portal.

If you have documents that are awaiting signature, they will be displayed in the Documents section under the Signatures subsection. If signature was requested for a document that was locked by a bill, you will need to settle it first.

The following information about the pending document is available here:

  • TITLE - The document’s title.
  • SIGNED – If you have already signed the document the green icon will be displayed here. If the document is not yet signed, the icon will be grey.
  • DATE - The date that the document was sent for signature.

Signing Firm Prepared Documents

To review and sign a document:

1. Click on the pencil icon to the far right of the document’s name.

2. Review the contents of the file in the built-in document viewer, then click the fields to sign where requested. 

3. Click SIGN. Note that you can’t sign your document until all fields are filled. You can see Unfilled fields counter at the top.