Payment methods: What are your options?

You can pay your invoice either by credit card, bank debit, or by using the credits that are already on your account (earned as bonuses from your firm, added earlier as a prepayment, etc.). These options will be available depending on your firm's preferences. You don't need to log into your account to pay. Below please find detailed instructions on how to pay in various ways.

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Paying by credit card

To pay your invoice by credit card, you need to select Card/Credit Card option and enter the following details:

  1. Card number
  2. Card expiration date
  3. CVC/CVV (the three-digit number on the back of your card)
  4. Your country/Street address

Depending on your country, you may need to enter additional details. In the US, this would be your ZIP code.

Then click Pay. Depending on your bank, you may also be required to complete 3D-Secure verification.

The payment will be assigned the  Verifying payment status until it goes through. It usually happens immediately, but can sometimes take a minute or two. Click OK to go back to the Invoice page.

Saving card for future payments & autofilling payment details

Link is a service that allows you to securely store your payment details and make simple one-click payments.

If you already keep your payment details in Link, click  Secure, 1-click checkout with Link while paying your invoice and enter your email. You will receive the authentication code via SMS or email. After that, you can select any of your saved cards.

If you don't have a Link account yet but want to save your payment details and autofill them not only in TaxDome but also on other websites that support Link, just enter your email, phone number and full name and sign up to Link.

Paying by bank debits

Once you click Pay Invoices/Make prepayment and select Pay, you will see one of the following pages (depending on your firm's preferences):

To proceed, select the Bank account/ACH option. Then you will need to enter Email and Full nameRouting numberBank account number and other required details.

For Stripe payments, you will have an additional step for that.

2. Click Pay.

The payment takes some time to be verified. Click OK to go back to the Invoice page.

For bank payments, the status of the invoice is In progress until it goes through. It takes five business days on average, but can take up to 14 days.

Paying with credits

If you are logged into your client portal and you have credits, the Apply prepayment toggle appears on your invoice payment page. You can use them to pay your invoices, fully or partially.

If your available credit is more than or equal to the amount you owe, use it to pay the entire invoice. Toggle on  Apply prepayment.

  • If your available credit is less than the amount you owe, pay a part of the invoice using the credit. You’ll need to pay the rest with a saved payment method, credit/debit card or bank debit payment.
  • Once you toggle on Apply prepayment from the invoice payment page or click Pay from an unpaid invoice on the Home page, you will see the invoice payment window.

To proceed with credits only, your existing balance must be more than or equal to the amount of the payment. Otherwise, you will see the difference to be paid with the credit card in the  Total to pay field.

Click Pay. If you have enough credits to cover the payment, you will see the Payment Completed page. Otherwise, you will be prompted to choose a saved payment method or enter your credit card/bank account information.

Is my payment info saved?

If you are going to pay your invoices while you are logged into your client portal, your payment info is saved for future payments. Next time you go to pay, you can choose from your saved payment methods or add a new payment method. 

If you don't see any saved payment methods, it means either your tax firm doesn't use Stripe as their payment provider, or you are not logged in. 

Also, you can autofill the card info with any of the payment details saved in your Link account if you use Link.

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