Paying from email or via payment link

Whenever someone from your accounting firm sends you an invoice, you get an email. This guide will show you how to easily pay the invoices you receive via email or payment links, whether you are logged in or not. 

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Paying invoices from email

You can pay your invoice by following the link inside the email you received from your firm. 

Open the message and the review the information that's important to you, such as the services provided and the rates.

When you are ready to pay, click the Pay Now button to open the invoice in a new tab. It does not matter if you are logged into your client portal or not. You can pay an invoice both ways.

Paying an invoice while logged in

If you are logged in, you can pay the invoice by using your prepayment credits, choosing your saved payment method, or entering new payment information. Don't worry if you don't see any saved payment methods, it simply means your accounting firm doesn't use Stripe as their payment provider.

Click Add payment methods to enter your card details.

After you set up your payment method, click Pay to proceed with the payment.

After the payment has been completed, you will see a notification.

Here's what else you'll be able to find in the top right corner of your screen:

  1. Visit client portal: Opens your client portal.
  2. Download PDF: Saves an invoice directly to your device. If the invoice hasn't been paid, the PDF will contain a link to pay. 
  3. Print: You can print an invoice if you need a paper copy.

Paying an invoice without logging in

If you don't have access to the client portal, no worries. You can still pay the invoice. Enter your payment information and click Pay invoice.

Please note that you cannot print or download an invoice while not logged in. To log in, click the Sign in button located at the top right corner of the screen.

After entering your email and password, you will be redirected back to the invoice.

Paying invoices via payment links

If you cannot click on the  Pay Now button for some reason, you can access the invoice payment tab through the link located at the bottom of the email. Click on that link to proceed with the payment.

Then, follow the instructions above:

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