Mobile: Troubleshooting

Here, we troubleshoot issues that might come up with the TaxDome mobile app. We give you the problems you might encounter and the quick fixes you’ll need.  

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The App is Not Responding. How Do I Close It?

From time to time, issues will arise which require the app to be fully closed as opposed to minimized and still running in the background. Here’s how to force quit the TaxDome mobile app:


Go to the Apps section of your Settings, search for the TaxDome app, then tap Force stop.


1. At the Home screen of the iPhone, or while in an app, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause while still pressing the screen. (On an older iPhone, tap the Home button twice.)

2. When the App Switcher comes up, swipe left and right through the different app cards to find the TaxDome app.

3. Use a quick swipe upward to close the app.

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