Mobile: Overview and client dashboard

The dashboard shows you everything that needs your attention, such as unpaid invoices, unread messages, pending organizers or unread documents. You’ll find your accountant's contact info here too. 

You’ll see your dashboard as soon as you log in. Whenever you need to get to back to it, simply tap Home

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Your dashboard

The dashboard ensures that you never miss an important update. You receive notifications whenever something needs your attention, and the Waiting for action area shows you what needs to be done by displaying the status of your action items.

You receive notifications when your preparer or accountant does any of the following:

  • Asks you to e-sign a proposal or engagement letter
  • Sends you an organizer to complete
  • Sends you a message
  • Creates new tasks for you to complete in a chat thread
  • Sends you an invoice

Notifications are divided into five sections:

  1. Billing
  2. Documents
  3. Chats
  4. Organizers
  5. Proposals & ELs

All sections are displayed in chronological order, with the most recent item at the top. Tap a notification to open it.

Notifications automatically disappear once an action item is completed — for example, once you’ve read a message, paid an invoice, viewed an uploaded document or submitted an organizer. If something still needs your attention, the notification remains. For example, if you’ve started filling out an organizer but haven’t yet submitted it, you’ll still see the notification for it.

Get announcements from your accountant

If your accountant has some information to share with you, they send an announcement to your portal. It will be shown on the top of your dashboard. If the announcement content is too long, you can tap on it to expand and view the complete message.

Getting in touch with your accountant

Whether you need the firm’s street address, Facebook page, or phone number, you’ll always find those details by tapping the More at the bottom right.

Perform quick actions

At the top of your dashboard, you'll find buttons for frequently performed actions. Scroll it to to see all buttons. For example:

  • Upload: quickly upload documents that your accountant needs (read more about scanning and uploading documents)
  • Scan: quickly scan documents to upload them
  • Done uploading: send an "I'm done uploading" notification to your accountant to show that you've uploaded all the necessary documents and are ready to proceed

Review your balance

When you still have invoices due, the outstanding balance is displayed in your profile. Tap your profile picture to see the Outstanding balance. To the left of your balance, you’ll see your total available credit, which you can put towards any money owed, whether now or later.

Work in progress

If your firm turned this feature on, in the  Work in progress section, you'll be able to see the status of the service your firm is performing for you. Tap it to see the full description of the current stage. So, you don't need to ask them or look through all chat messages and emails to know the actual status of the service.

Helpful tips & bug report

Not sure what to do? Tap the question mark icon in the top-right corner for more information about the specific area of the app.

There are four additional buttons: 

  • Support center: open the Help center.
  • Show onboarding: get tips on how to start using the app by following the initial steps. This option is exclusively available in the Home section.
  • Rate this app: provide feedback on the app by leaving a rating and comments. Your input helps us improve the app.
  • Report bug: if you’ve encountered a bug, fill out the form and provide as much information as you can.
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