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Contracts, Explained

A contract, such as an engagement letter or proposal, is used to define the scope of engagement between you and an accounting or tax-prep firm. Your accountant creates a custom contract specifically for your situation. Usually, you have to sign the contract electronically before the firm starts performing services for you. 

Once you have a pending contract, you’ll see a notification in the main menu. Also, you will see a notification on your Dashboard. Click the notification to open the organizer. 

To see all contracts which need your attention, tap the burger icon at the top left, then select Contracts. 

You’ll find the following information about your contracts here:

  • NAME: The contract’s name.
  • DATE: The date the contract was sent to you for e-signing.
  • STATUS: If you have already e-signed the contract, the status is SIGNED. If the contract has not yet been e-signed, the status is PENDING.

Sometimes, you might find it useful to sort the contracts list in order to help you easily find something. You can sort the list by name, date, or status. Tap the up-down arrow next to the appropriate column header to sort the list below it.

E-Signing Contracts

To review and sign a contract, follow these steps:

1.Tap on the contract’s name.

2. Review the contents of the contract, tap the field at the bottom to e-sign, then enter your name. 

3. Tap the I agree to the terms above checkbox, then tap SIGN

Printing a Contract

You can easily print any contract, whether pending or signed. Tap the name of the contract to open it, then tap the Print button at the top right of the page.

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