Signing In (Desktop and Mobile)

Once you have activated your account, you can begin using TaxDome as a client. Be sure to save your account’s link to your firm’s TaxDome website for future access. You can use TaxDome from your desktop or mobile.

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Signing In on Desktop

1. Navigate to your firm's TaxDome URL.

2. Enter your email address and your TaxDome password.

3. Decide for how long you want to stay signed in. Default setting is 8 hours, however you can decrease your session to 4 hours or 30 minutes. 

4. Click on SIGN IN.

5. If you enabled Two-Factor Authentication in your account, you will also need to verify your identity by entering an authentication code. Open Google Authenticator or similar application on your smartphone, then enter a provided code.

Note that the code in Google Authenticator changes every 30 seconds, so if it is not accepted by TaxDome, enter the new one you see in the app.

If for some reason you can't use Google Authenticator or similar application, please use  No access to application? link to contact our support.

Signing In on Mobile

1. Once you have the TaxDome mobile app installed on Android or iOS, open it, enter your firm’s TaxDome URL, then tap CONTINUE.

2. Enter your email address and TaxDome password, then tap SIGN IN.

3. We will not ask for your TaxDome user credentials until your password is changed. Instead, as a next step, we ask that you select an authentication type that will be used every time you open the app. You can select biometric authentication, PIN code or both.

To use a PIN code, enter four digits of your choice, otherwise tap SKIP. If you have selected a PIN code, you will be asked to confirm it on the next screen. 

To use a biometric authentication, tap  ALLOW on the next screen, otherwise tap SKIP

Confirm using a biometric authentication by touching your sensor. 

That's it! You can now see your dashboard.