Mobile: Scanning & uploading documents

Learn how to take and upload pictures using TaxDome's Document Scanner, streamlining document management from your device.

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Document scanner: How to take and upload pictures

Use your device to take photos of your documents, crop and rotate them, and promptly upload them to TaxDome. If your document spans multiple pages, it will be saved as a single PDF file.

Here’s how to scan:

1. Tap Upload documents from the Home section or Scan from the Documents section.

2. Take a photo, crop it if needed, then click Save.

In low light, use your smartphone’s flash.

3. Repeat for the next page. Once photos of all document pages are taken, tap the button displaying the number of pages on the left.

On this screen, you can delete, rotate, or crop the scans. Tap the Back arrow on the top left to go back when done.

When finished with scans:

  1. Tap Done and give a name and description to the scan.
  2. Tap Next.

4. Finally:

  1. Choose the appropriate folder for the scan by tapping Client uploaded documents. 
  2. Tap Upload. The document will be saved as a PDF.

Uploading a document from your device

To upload a document to TaxDome:

1. Tap Upload from the Home section or Upload from the Documents section, and then – File manager or Photo library.

2. Locate the file on your device and select it. See Permitted file types to learn about the file types we allow. With all file types, the maximum upload size is 300 Mb.

3. Tap Upload.

That’s it! Your files are uploaded to your default docs folder.


Tip! If you want your accountant to know that all required docs are uploaded, toggle on the Send "I'm completely done uploading".

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