Mobile: Managing Firm Prepared Documents

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Firm Prepared Documents - Overview

All files uploaded by the accountant(s) are stored in the  Documents section under the Firm Prepared Documents subsection. Once you have a new firm-prepared document, you will see a notification in the menu. 

Here you can see all firm prepared documents sorted by folders for each year. To see the documents stored inside a folder, tap the folder's name.

The following information is available here:

  • NAME. The document's title. You can see the file type icon next to the title. All documents that were not viewed by you are marked as NEW.
  • DATE UPLOADED. The date the document was uploaded. Documents are grouped by year. 
  • DESCRIPTION. A description is optional. It may or may not have been added by the accountant when they uploaded the file to the system. 

To see the upload date and description, tap the three dots icon next to the file's name, then select  More Info.

To navigate to another folder, tap  Firm Prepared Documents, then select a year.

Previewing a Document

You can preview files prepared by the firm by using the built-in document viewer. Do this by tapping the document's name. Tap  CLOSE to return to your list of files.

Please note: preview is not supported for some file types (e.g. PDF). If preview is unavailable, you'll be offered to download your file instead. You will be able to view it in an external application. 

Viewing Documents History (or File Audit Trail)

You can always see what events have taken place with the firm's uploaded files. The audit log makes it easy to find out whether the document has been uploaded, viewed, downloaded, signed, renamed, approved, or rejected.

To access a document’s history, tap the three dots icon, then tap on Audit Trail.

You can also access the  Audit Trail link from the document viewer.

The following info is available here:

  • USER. The first name, last name, and email of the user who accessed the file.
  • EVENT. The event that took place with the file. 

To access additional document history (the system time that the event took place, the user’s time that the event took place, the IP address of the user who accessed the file, and the browser in which the event took place), use the TaxDome web app.

Downloading a Document

You can also download files prepared by the firm.

1. Tap the file's name in the document list.

2. Tap the three dots icon at the top right, then select  Download.

3. Tap Allow to get TaxDome access to photos, media, and files on your device (this need be done only once)

4. Select the location to which files will be saved. 

Searching a Document

To search for certain documents, type the title or part of the title in the Search field, then tap the enter key on your keyboard. The document list will be narrowed in accordance with the search term(s) entered. Tap the cross icon in the Search field to clear the search.

Filtering Documents

Filters are useful when you need to see documents that meet specific criteria. For example, you can quickly find Microsoft Excel files that were uploaded in 2017.

To filter your list of documents:

1. Tap the   FILTER button.

2. Select filtering by  Year Uploaded or by File Type. You can select all filters or just some of them.


The list will be narrowed in accordance with the specified parameters.

To clear the applied filters, tap the  FILTER button, then select the Reset All link.

Sorting the List of Documents

Sometimes, it is handy to sort the list rather than to use filtering. The sorting option can also be used along with the search and filtering functions for even more accuracy.

On your mobile device, you can sort the list by document name. Tap the arrow icon next to the  NAME row to sort the list.