Mobile: Viewing Your Payment History

All information about your payments can be found in the Payments tab. To get there, tap the burger icon at the top left, go to Invoices, then tap the Payments tab.

Only payment description and amount are displayed on your screen. To see detailed information about a payment, tap the three dots icon next to the payment, then select  More Info.

Available information about your payments includes:

  • Date. The date on which the payment was made. All payments are grouped by year.
  • Payment source. This is information on how the payment was made. If the payment was processed online, Credit Card or ACH will be indicated as the source. If it was made offline and added manually by the firm owner or by your preparer, the source will be listed as Manual Credit.
  • Description. This usually includes the payment details, such as credit payment, payment created with an invoice that was already paid, manual payment.
  • Invoices paid. The invoice number for which the payment was made. You can tap the invoice number to view its details. Then click on Close to get back to the payment information.

  • Amount. The payment amount. You can also see the total amount for all payments made during the year.

  • Refunded. If the payment was refunded, this will be reflected on the payment information screen. You will also get a push notification of a refund. 

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