Mobile: Paying Your Bills

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Paying Your Bills

You will always get a push notification when the accountant sends you a bill. Tap the notification to get to  Bills and Payments section immediately, then follow these steps:

1. Click the MAKE PAYMENT button.

2. Enter your personal details and your card details, then proceed with the payment.

Note: all payments are made through a secure credit card processing service. We will not store your payment details.

Paying from the Dashboard

The other way to pay your bills is to make a payment directly from the Dashboard, which is the first thing you see after you’ve logged in to TaxDome mobile app. You can also access the dashboard at any time by tapping the burger icon at the top left and selecting Home.

If you have bills due, your Outstanding Balance will be displayed here. To pay outstanding bills:

1. Scroll down to the Make Payment button, then tap it.

2. Enter your personal details and your card details, then proceed with the payment.

Bills & Payments Section Overview

Once you have a new bill, you will see a notification in the main menu. To get there from your  Home screen, tap the burger icon at the top left, then select Bills and Payments.

Bills are grouped by year. To see the bills paid during a certain year, tap the specific year in the table. Only bill description and amount are displayed on your screen. To see detailed information about a bill, tap the three dots icon next to the bill, then select   More Info.

Available information about your bills includes:

  • Outstanding balance. Remaining outstanding amount of unpaid bills
  • Credits Available. Amount of funds available that can be used to pay bills.
  • Status. Bills can be pending, paid, or overdue. Paid bills have a green icon, pending bills have a brown icon, and overdue bills have a red icon.
  • Date posted. Date the bill was issued. Bills are grouped by year.
  • Description. Description entered during a bill’s creation.
  • Date paid. Date bill was paid (only applicable for paid bills).
  • Amount. Bill amount. You can also see the total amount for all bills issued during the year.

Your amount due is displayed below the bill list. If you have any credits, they are automatically applied. You can pay a bill due directly with your credit card. 

Saving and Changing Your Payment Info

You can securely save your credit card details at Stripe credit card processing service for quick checkout on our site. To save this information for future payments, turn on Remember Me toggle, then enter your phone number, then click Save. This number is used to verify your identity at  and other sites using Stripe Checkout. 

The next time you are in the payment form, the system will recognize your saved card.

If you need to change the credit card that you have on file, click on the last 4 digits of the card number, delete the information, then enter the new card details.