Mobile: Completing an Organizer

Your taxes or billing cannot get done without your accountant getting basic information from you. Organizers are an easy way to provide that while you’re on the go. Once you’re done, your accountant can get started.

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Creating an Organizer

An organizer can be created by you or your accountant.

Make one using a template:

1. Tap the burger icon on the top left, select Organizers, then tap the New Organizer button.

2. Select a template from the list, then tap Create. Start answering the questions.

Completing an Organizer

Once an organizer needs to be filled out—whether you made it or your accountant sent it to you—you get an email and push notification. A notification is also displayed in the main menu and on your dashboard. Click on the notification to open the organizer.

Go to Organizers to see all your organizers. When they still need to be submitted, the status is displayed as Pending.

You don't need to complete an organizers in one sitting—take a break and come back!  Answers are instantly saved, so you can close it without losing changes. Plus, feel free to edit it as much as you like.

To continue working on an organizer, go to the Organizers section, then tap on the organizer. 

Once you’ve answered everything, submit the organizer for review by tapping SUBMIT. This lets your accountant know it’s ready. Next, they’ll review it to get started working on your documents.

Once your accountant has finished using the organizer, they’ll move it to Archived. 

Your accountant might seal an organizer, which means you won’t be able to access it to make edits. The status will display as Sealed

Uploading Documents

You’ll likely be required to upload documents to your organizer, such as W2s, 1099s, etc. You can upload from your device by photographing (aka scanning) documents or by adding ones that were previously uploaded (PDFs, Word files, Excel files, images or  ZIPs). 

All documents uploaded to an organizer are displayed inside the Documents tab.

To add documents from TaxDome, tap Add document, then From TaxDome. Select the folder, then tap the document. All the documents in folders with Client can view and edit access are available.

To upload documents from your device:

1. Tap  + Add document, then From My Device.

2. Locate the documents you want to upload from your device. 

3. Tap Save to add the document to the message.

Tap Scan document to take a photo of a document. Learn more about scanning here

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