Mobile: Completing an organizer

Your taxes or billing cannot get done without your accountant obtaining basic information from you. Organizers offer a convenient way to provide this information while you're on the go. Once you're done, your accountant can get started.

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Completing an organizer

Once an organizer needs filling, you get an email and push notification. A notification also appears on your Dashboard. Click on the notification to open the organizer or go to the Organizers section by tapping More and then Organizers.

When your accountant is waiting for you to fill in the organizer, the status is displayed as Pending in the Waiting for action subsection.

You don't need to complete an organizer in one sitting. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select Save as draft to save your progress.

If you need to start over, tap the three dots in the upper right corner and select  Erase all answers.

Submit the organizer for review by tapping Save & send once you've answered everything. 

 Confirm sending the organizer by tapping Yes, save & send. This lets your accountant know it’s ready. Next, they’ll review it to get started working on your documents.

Once your accountant has finished using the organizer, they move it to History with a green checkmark status. 

Pre-fill organizer answers

Note: we recommend using prefill carefully since it overrides any information you’ve entered in the current form. If you prefill answers, review them before submitting the organizer.

If you have previously answered a similar organizer, we will ask if you would like to pre-fill answers when you open the organizer. Tap the Yes, pre-fill answers button to populate the fields with information from one of your previous forms.

If you accidentally skipped that part, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select Yes, pre-fill answers

To change the completed organizer that is used for pre-filling, tap the three dots and select Change source, then, choose the appropriate organizer.

Uploading documents to organizer

You may need to upload documents, such as W2s and 1099s, to your organizer. You can upload from your device by photographing documents or by adding previously uploaded documents (PDFs, Word files, Excel files, images, or ZIPs).

To add documents from TaxDome, tap Upload document, then TaxDome storage.

Select the folder,  tap the document and tap Attach. All the documents in folders with Client can view and edit access are available.

Once the wrong file is uploaded, you have the option to remove it by tapping the three dots to the right and selecting  Remove attachment.

All documents uploaded to an organizer are stored in the Documents section.

Printing organizers

Print the organizer to store information on paper. To print the organizer, long-press it and select  Print.

Your device will prompt you to print the organizer.

Note: The unanswered questions won’t print.

You can find the number of questions in the left of the organizer name. Note, that only question blocks are counted, the text blocks are not.

Downloading organizers

Download an organizer to share it or for offline access. To download the organizer, long-press it and select  Download.

Your device will prompt you to download the organizer. Choose the destination where you want to save it, and then tap Save.

What “S” means

Your accountant might seal an organizer, which means you won’t be able to access it to make edits. The status will display as a blue S icon.

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