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Messages is an in-app secure communication tool that allows you to create real-time chat threads, like DMs. Both you and your accountant get a notification when one of you leaves a new message. In Messages:

  • You talk to your accountant; ask and answer questions.
  • Upload and download forms. 
  • All messages and attached files are stored in one spot. 
  • You can attach files.
  • Your accountant can add tasks for you. 
  • Once you complete a task, you or your accountant checks it off. 
  • If you need to, you can also view all your tasks on a separate page.
  • Once everything in a thread is addressed, your accountant archives it.

Creating Messages

If you have a question for your accountant, send a message:

1. Tap the burger icon at the top left, select Messages & Tasks, then tap New Chat.

2. Write your message. Apply formatting and add bullets or numbered lists. Give the message a name (optional—and you can do this later or edit it anytime).

3. Click Create Chat. Your preparer then receives an email saying that there’s a pending message from you.

Viewing and Replying to Messages

Once there’s new chat, you’ll see a notification in the main menu. All pending messages, along with any included tasks, are displayed on your dashboard. Click the notification to view and respond.

You’ll always get a push notification when your accountant sends you a message or asks for extra info. Tap the notification to view it. 

To access your messages, tap the Messages & Tasks section.

All messages are either in the Active or Archived tab. Messages inside the Active tab need attention. Once you have responded to them, your accountant archives them. Inside the Active tab, chats are sorted chronologically and by the most recent response. The thread list displays information about the latest response time, author and subject, as well as the status of client tasks for each thread. Unread threads have a green badge next to them indicating the number of unread messages.

You might find it helpful to sort your archived messages so that you can easily find something. Messages can be sorted by subject line. Tap the up-down arrows to the right of SUBJECT to sort the list below it.

Remember, you’ll always get an email notification when your accountant sends you a new message or requests more info. Click the link in the message to view and reply. Read the message, type a reply in the message field, then click the send icon when you’re done.

Managing Your Tasks

Your accountant might assign tasks for you inside a message thread. They’ll look like a to-do checklist. Your accountant can add tasks to a thread at any time. Once a task is completed, either you or your accountant checks it off.

View your tasks in your notifications on your dashboard.

You can also track your tasks from all your message threads on one page. The tasks that refer to one message thread always appear grouped together. In the Client Tasks subtab inside the Messages & Tasks tab, you’ll see:

  • TASKS: the task’s name
  • SUBJECT: the message’s name. Tap it to jump to the thread.
  • PROGRESS: The first figure is the number of completed tasks; the second, the total number of tasks in a message thread.
  • DATE CREATED: when the message was added
  • CREATOR: who wrote the message
  • LAST RESPONSE: when the last response was written and who wrote it

Use the Filter button to select which you want to see:

  • All: Messages with completed and incomplete tasks are displayed.
  • Incomplete: Messages with incomplete tasks are displayed.
  • Completed: Messages with completed tasks are displayed.

To search for a specific task, type a keyword in the search field, then hit enter on your keyboard. The task list is narrowed accordingly. Filter the list to view only messages containing completed or incomplete tasks or the messages created by a specific user:

1. Tap the Filter button.

2. Select one or two filters, then tap Apply.

The list is narrowed according to the filters applied.

Managing Files Within Messages

Uploading Documents

Inside a message thread, your preparer might ask you to upload documents needed for your tax preparation (e.g., Form W2, 1099-MISC, 1099-K, 1099-SA, etc.). The maximum upload file size allowed is 200 MB.

Upload files from your device or already on TaxDome—or scan documents by using your camera. 

To add files from TaxDome, navigate to the Documents tab inside a message thread, tap + Add document, then From TaxDome. Select the folder and tap the file name. All the files from Your Documents section are available here.

To upload files from your device:

1. Go to the Documents tab, tap + Add document, then From My Device. 

2. Locate the files you want to upload from your device. 

3. Tap Save to add the document to the message.

Tap the Scan document button to take a photo of your document. Learn more about scanning here

Deleting documents

If you have uploaded the wrong document, remove it by clicking the trash can icon located to the right of the file name.

Viewing Documents

To view any of the files you or your accountant uploaded to your messages, click on the folder’s name to expand the document list, then click the eye icon to open the document viewer. Click Back to return to the documents screen.

Downloading Documents

Download any file that has been uploaded to Messages & Tasks by you or your accountant.

To download a file onto your device:

1. Go to the Documents tab, tap the folder’s name to expand the document list, then tap the download icon.

2. Tap ALLOW to get TaxDome access to photos, media and files on your device (you need to do this only once).

3. Select the location where files should be saved.

How to View Message Task History: Audit Trail

You can always see everything that has happened with a task inside a message. TaxDome’s audit log lets you find out when someone...

  • ...added a task to a message.
  • ...deleted a task from a message.
  • ...checked off a task as completed.

To view a task’s history in a message, tap the three dots to the far right of the message, then tap Task Audit Trail.

In the Audit Trail window, you’ll find the following info about a message’s history:

  • USER: the first and last name and email address of any user who has made changes to the task
  • EVENT: what took place with the task
  • TASK: any changes made to the task
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