Information Requests Overview

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What Are Information Requests

While preparing your documents the accountant will probably have some additional questions for you. These will be sent to you as Information Requests.

How it works:

  • The accountant uploads files and asks the client to provide any information that they need. 
  • The client replies in writing to the request and/or uploads the required files. 
  • Once the accountant has received all of the required info, it is marked as resolved.

All messages and files regarding each information request are stored in one place and can be reviewed at any time. 

Viewing Info Requests

Once you have a new info request, you will see a notification in the main menu. All requests that are in progress are displayed on your dashboard. 

Remember, you will always get an email notification when the accountant sends you a request or asks you for additional information. Click the link in the message to and log in to your TaxDome account.

To access your info requests, go to the Information Requests tab. 

All requests are divided into either In progress or Resolved. The In progress requests are the ones that still require additional information from you. Once the accountant gets the answer they need they will mark the request as resolved. 

The following info is available on the Information Requests tab:

  • Number. The number of requests in the system.
  • Title. The request title that was provided during its creation.
  • Year. The year to which the request applies
  • Date created. The date that the request was added.
  • Requester. The name of the accountant who created the request
  • Last response. The date/time of the last response to the request.
  • Responded by. The author of the last response.

Sorting the Requests List

Sometimes, it is handy to sort the requests list so that you can easily find the right one. You may sort the list by tax year, date created or by last response. Click the arrow icon next to the appropriate row to sort the list.