Paying from the Billing page

The Billing page enables you to securely process your payments with just a few clicks. Learn how to manage your payments in this article.

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Paying selected invoices

To pay selected invoices from the Billing page:

1. Go to the Invoices subtab, then select the specific invoices you want to pay, then click Pay selected. Note: You can’t pay several invoices at once if your firm has selected different payment methods for these invoices.

2. Review the amount to be charged, then toggle on  Apply prepayment if you want to pay with credits available or to select a saved payment method. You can also click Add payment methods to add a new payment method. Enter your personal and credit card details. Here are the detailed instructions on different ways to pay.

3. Click Pay to proceed with the payment.


Note: All payments are made through a secure payment processing service. TaxDome doesn’t store your payment details.

Your billing page

Go to your Billing page from the left sidebar. This page consists of the Waiting for action block at the top and the three subtabs:

  • Invoices (details below)
  • Recurring invoices (see the article for details)
  • Payments (read more here).

Invoices pending payment are placed at the top along with the invoice number and the amount due. Click on any item to view it and pay.

The Invoices subtab shows your invoices grouped by year. To see those paid during a specific year, click the year on the left.

What you'll see:

  • Outstanding balance: This is everything you still owe.
  • Credits Available: These are the funds you have available to pay your invoices.
  • Status:
    • Paid: Yes—you guessed it—you paid.
    • In progress: You have paid, but the payment hasn’t cleared yet. You most often see this status with Stripe payments, such as SEPA, Bacs, or credit cards with 3D Secure.
    • Unpaid: You haven’t paid yet.
    • Overdue: The due date has passed and you haven’t paid.
  • Date posted: This is the date the invoice was issued.
  • Description: Generally, this is a memo from your preparer.
  • Date paid: The date you paid.
  • Amount due: This is the amount of the invoice. You can also see the total amount of all invoices from the last year.

Your amount due is displayed under the list of invoices. Credits are automatically applied, and you’ll see the remaining balance. You can pay all invoices (or only some) here with a credit card.

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