Viewing Your Payment History

To access information about your payments and to manage them, go to Billing, then click on the Payments tab.

The following information is available here:

  • Status: The status tags help you manage and organize your payments. They can be the one of following:
    • Paid: A payment in full was successfully completed.
    • Failed: Your bank declined the transaction. Try to pay again or contact customer service at your bank.
    • Incomplete: There's an action required from your side (e.g. 3D Secure authorization needed).
    • Verifying payment: The payment is being verified (mainly bank payments). The status will be changed to Paid once the bank approves the transaction. If something prevents the payment from going through, you’ll get a notification, and the payment status will switch to Incomplete (if the 3D Secure authorization is needed) or Failed.
  • Date: The date that the payment was made. All payments are grouped by year.
  • Payment source: This is information on how the payment was made: Credit Card, ACH, Check, or Cash will be indicated as the source. 
  • Description: This usually includes the payment details, e.g. credit payment, payment created with an invoice that was already paid, manual payment.
  • Invoices paid: The invoice number for which the payment was made. You can click on the invoice number to view its details.
  • Amount: The payment amount. You can also see the total amount for all payments made during the year.
  • Refunded: If the payment was refunded, the green icon is displayed next to the description.
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