Viewing Your Payment History

To access information about your payments and to manage them, go to Invoices, then click on the Payments tab.

The following information is available here:

  • Date. The date that the payment was made. All payments are grouped by year.
  • Payment source. This is information on how the payment was made: Credit Card, ACH, Check, or Cash will be indicated as the source. 
  • Description. This usually includes the payment details, e.g. credit payment, payment created with an invoice that was already paid, manual payment.
  • Invoices paid. The invoice number for which the payment was made. You can click on the invoice number to view its details.
  • Amount. The payment amount. You can also see the total amount for all payments made during the year.
  • Refunded. If the payment was refunded, the green icon is displayed next to the description.
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