Paying From the Dashboard

The fastest way for you to pay your invoices is to make a payment directly from your dashboard, which is the first thing you see after you’ve logged into TaxDome. You can also access the dashboard at any time by clicking Home.

If you have unpaid invoices, you will see them along with the invoice number and amount due in the Billing category of your Waiting for action section. The green badge to the right of the category name shows the number of unpaid invoices.

To pay pending invoices:

1. Click the Pay invoice item in the Billing section of your Home page.

2. Review the information about your payment and documents that will be unlocked (if any) in the Invoice details section. 

3. Toggle Apply prepayment if you wish to use any available credits. Otherwise, select a saved payment method. If you need to add a new payment method, click on Add payment methods and enter your information.

4. Click Pay to proceed with the payment.

Note: All payments are made through a secure payment processing service. TaxDome does not store your payment details.

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