Mobile: Prepayments & Credits

Discover how to manage prepayment and credits on the mobile app, including how to make prepayments and pay invoices using your credits (either fully or partially).

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What are credits?

Typically, you will receive an invoice for all of your invoices, and then you'll pay them in full. However, sometimes you will have credits in your account. This is money that's available for paying your future invoices. There are various ways to get credits:

  • Getting promotional credits/discounts/compensation from the firm. If you are eligible to receive a discount or another bonus from the firm, it will be added as a credit by the accountant.
  • Paying offline. If you pay for a service in cash, your accountant adds that payment manually to your account as a credit.
  • Making a prepayment online. Prepayments are made online just like ordinary payments.

Making a prepayment

To make a prepayment:

  1. Tap Make prepayment at the top of your Home section or Prepayment in the Billing section. Type in the amount, then tap Submit.

2. Enter your card/bank account details, then proceed with the payment.

3. Once you have available credits, they will be displayed in the Profile section, which you can access by tapping your photo at the top left. Your accountant will receive a notification regarding your payment.

Paying an invoice with your credits (fully or partially)

Once you have credits available, you can use them to pay your invoices, either fully or partially.

  • If the amount of available credit is more than the amount of the invoice or equal to it, you may pay the invoice using credits. Open an invoice and tap the Pay $0.00 button to proceed.

  • If the amount of the available credit is less than the amount of the invoice, the available credit is deducted from the invoice. You’ll need to pay the difference. For example, if you have $500 available in credits and receive an invoice for the amount of $2,950, you will need to submit a payment for the difference in the amount of $2,450.

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