Managing Your Files

Your Documents Section - Overview 

Any files you have uploaded are stored in the Documents section under the Your Documents subsection. Here you will find your document’s:

  • Name. The document's title. You can see the file type icon next to the title.
  • Date Uploaded. The date that the document was uploaded. Documents are grouped by year.
  • Description. A description is optional. You can add a description when you are uploading the file to the system or later.

Within Your Documents, there is an Unsorted folder. You can also create YEAR folders. You can upload your files inside of any year or Unsorted folder.  You cannot create folders inside the top-level silo that are NOT a year or unsorted (see example below)

Uploading a Document

To upload a document to TaxDome:

1. Go to Documents section, then to the Your Documents subsection, then click on New and choose Upload Files.

2. You will see the tree view of all documents for your account. You have two options here:

  • Drag-n-drop the files to the TaxDome folder of your choice, OR
  • Click the document upload button to the right of the TaxDome year folder or subfolder of your choice, then locate the file on your computer and select it. 

See Permitted file types to find out more on file types we allow. With all file types, the maximum upload size is 100 Mb. 

3. If a particular year does not appear in the list, it means you hasn’t yet submitted documents for that year. You can add the year by clicking on the  Add Year link to the right of the location of your choice.

4. Add as many files to different years and folders as you like. 

5. Click  UPLOAD to add the documents to the system.

Uploading a Folder

Uploading entire folders is the same as uploading all the files inside it one by one, but much less time-consuming.To add all files from a folder, click on  New, then on Upload Files, then either:

  • Drag-n-drop the local folder(s) to the TaxDome folder of your choice, OR
  • Click the folder upload button to the right of the year folder or subfolder of your choice, then choose the desired local folder. 

Click  UPLOAD to add all documents from a folder to TaxDome.

Please note the following about uploading folders:

  • TaxDome processes all files in your selected folder as well as in all subfolders.
  • File types that are not allowed will not upload.
  • Your original folder structure will carry over.
  • If you need to upload several folders at once, use drag-n-drop.

Uploading a Zip Archive

Another way to upload multiple files quickly is by using a zip archive that contains multiple documents. TaxDome allows zip files of up to 100 Mb. Uploading a zip archive is the same as uploading all the files inside it individually but less time-consuming.

Zip files are uploaded the same as other files. However, once a zip file is uploaded, TaxDome handles it differently:

  • The zip file is automatically unzipped.
  • File types that are not allowed will not upload.
  • Folders on the zip will not replicate on TaxDome, so you will need to create new folders on TaxDome to organize your files.
  • The original zip archive you uploaded is deleted.

Previewing a Document

You can preview your files by using the built-in document viewer. Do this by clicking on the document's name or the eye icon to open the viewer. Click Close to return to your list of files.

If PDF orientation is wrong, you can easily rotate it clockwise by using the arrow button. 

While viewing the document, you can also choose to download it, move it to another folder, delete it, or view its audit trail. Click the three dots icon in the upper right corner to get access to these options. 

Downloading a Document

You can also download your files directly from TaxDome.

To download a file to your computer or device:

1. Сlick on the download icon.

Note: You can also access the download link from the document viewer.

2. If prompted, choose where you would like to save the file, then click Save.

3. When the download is complete, you will usually see it appear at the bottom of your browser window. Click on the file name to open the downloaded document (Please see How to Specify Where Files Are Downloaded for more information).

Deleting a Document

To remove a document from TaxDome:

  1. Select the checkbox next to the required document(s), сlick the three dots icon on the right at the top of the table, then click on Delete Selected
  2. Click the DELETE button in the Document Delete Confirmation pop-up. 

 Note: You cannot delete files uploaded by your accountant.

Editing a Document

To edit file info, click on the three dots icon on the right, then click Edit. You can change the file name and the description of the file here. Click Save to save any changes.

Searching a Document

To search for certain documents, type the title or part of the title in the Search field, then click Enter.

The document list will be narrowed in accordance with the search term(s) entered. Click the cross icon in the  Search field to clear the search.

Filtering Documents

Filters are useful when you need to see documents that meet specific criteria. For example, you can quickly find Microsoft Excel files that were uploaded in 2017.

To filter your list of documents:

  1. Click the FILTER button.
  2. Select filtering by Year Uploaded or by File Type. You can select all filters or just some of them.
  3. Click APPLY FILTER.

The list will be narrowed in accordance with the specified parameters.

To clear the applied filters, click the  FILTER button, then select the Reset All link.

Sorting the List of Documents

Sometimes, it is handy to sort the list rather than use filtering. The sorting option can also be used along with the search and filtering functions for even more accuracy.

You can sort the list by document name or by date uploaded. Click the arrow icon next to the NAME or DATE UPLOADED row to sort the list.