Uploading Documents

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Uploading a Document

1. Upload your documents to TaxDome the way that works best for you:

  • Drag documents and folders from your desktop to the Recent / Folders tab on your Documents page, then drop them drop them anywhere on the screen.
  • Click Upload Documents from either the Documents page or the Home page.

2. Browse your computer to find the documents you want to upload. You can select several files from one folder. (Go here to see the file types TaxDome accepts; the max upload size is 200 Mb.)

If you need to select more documents, click Add more.

3. Select the folder and subfolder where you want to upload the documents.

4. Check the I'm completely done uploading checkbox if you’re uploading all requested documents at once. Your firm will get a notification that you’re done uploading and ready to proceed (go here for more ways to notify the firm that you’re done uploading).

5. Click Save.

That’s it! Your files are uploaded to the selected folder.

Uploading a Zip File

To quickly upload a bunch of documents at once, use a zip file. TaxDome allows zip files of up to 200 Mb. Zip files are uploaded the same as other files. However, once a zip file is uploaded, TaxDome handles it differently:

  • The zip file is automatically unzipped.
  • File types that aren’t accepted don’t upload.
  • Folders on the zip will not replicate on TaxDome, so you’ll need to create new folders on TaxDome to organize your files.
  • The original zip archive you uploaded has been deleted.

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