Documents section overview

The Documents section contains all of the files that have been prepared for you by your accountant(s) as well as any documents you've uploaded to your client portal. Discover how to browse through your docs and explore available options.

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Document actions

From the Documents section you can:

Documents section overview

When you have a green badge next to the Documents section, it means that you have documents that need your action to be performed. The number on the badge indicates the number of documents with actions requested.

This section consists of the Waiting for action block and the three subtabs: Recent, Folders and Trash.

Documents that have to be signed or approved by you are placed in the Waiting for action block. Click on any doc to open it:

Note that when all required actions are performed, this block disappears until your accountant request any more actions from you.

All docs are displayed in the three three subtabs:


Here you will find the last 50 documents that have been:


This subtab contains top-level folders created by your firm with different visibility/permissions:

  • Client can view and edit: documents that were uploaded to TaxDome by you or by your preparer. You can delete these or move them to different folders
  • Client can view: documents that are shared with you by your firm. You can see them, but you can’t delete or manage them.

In the  Folders subtab, the following information is available:

  • NAME: This isthe document’s name and it has a file-type icon next to it.
  • DATE UPLOADED: This is when the document was uploaded.
  • UPLOADED BY: Within all folders with Client can view  permission level, you’ll see the name of the firm member who uploaded it.
  • DESCRIPTION: Descriptions are optional, so one may be available if the person who uploaded the document provided one.
    • PENDING PAYMENT: The document is locked and awaiting payment of the linked invoice
    • PENDING APPROVAL: The document is awaiting your approval.
    • APPROVED: The document has your approval.
    • DISAPPROVED: Thedocument was rejected by you.
    • PENDING SIGNATURE: The document is awaiting your e-signature.
    • SIGNED: All users of the account the document is for have signed it.
    • PARTIALLY SIGNED: At least one user of the account the document is for have declined to sign it.
    • DECLINED SIGNATURE: All users of the account the document is for have declined to sign it.
    • SEALED: Your accountant has the option to seal documents. Once a document is sealed, you cannot delete, edit, or move it to another folder.


Documents you have deleted on TaxDome, go to the  Trash location. The file stays there for 30 days until it’s permanently deleted. Files that were deleted from a folder with Client can view and edit  permission by your accountant are also available in the Trash for 120 days.

To restore a document placed in the  Trash location, click on the three dots icon to the far right of the document’s name, then click Restore.

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