Client Dashboard & Portal Overview

The dashboard displays everything currently needing your attention—such as unpaid invoices, awaiting tasks in chat threads, pending organizers or documents. You also have the option to book appointments, upload documents, and send messages to your accountant from here.

From your dashboard, you can immediately get busy...

What's waiting for your action?

Once you’re logged into TaxDome, you’ll see your client dashboard. You can also access it at any time by clicking on Home from the left sidebar.

The client dashboard is designed so that you never miss important updates. Whenever your accountant has done something that requires your action, the Waiting for action section displays the to-do list of items you have to address.

You’ll receive action items when your accountant or tax preparer:

  • Asks for a document's approval
  • Asks you to e-sign a document
  • Asks you to e-sign a proposal or an engagement letter
  • Sends you an organizer to complete
  • Unsubmits an organizer so it needs to be completed
  • Creates new tasks to complete in a chat thread
  • Sends you a new invoice to pay

Action items are categorized by subject (i.e. Documents, Organizers, etc.) and displayed in chronological order with the most recent one on top. Click the item to open and interact with the pending document, chat thread, organizer or invoice.

To-do items are automatically removed once the action they require has been completed: e.g., when you’ve paid an invoice, signed a document or submitted an organizer. As long as you don’t perform the action, the action item stays in place. For example, if you’ve started to fill out an organizer but haven’t submitted it yet, the to-do item will continue to be displayed. 

Getting announcements from your accountant

If your accountant has some information to share with you, they send an announcement to your portal. It will be shown on the top right of your dashboard. If the announcement content is too long, you can click Read more to open it in the sidebar. This announcement will also be displayed as a notification upon logging in.

Quick links: book appointment, create chat, upload file

To the right of your dashboard, you’ll find links for frequently used actions: 

  • Upload documents: upload a doc directly from the dashboard. More on this here.
  • Book appointment: if your firm turned this feature on, you will be able to select a time slot for a phone call with your accountant. 
  • Done uploading: if your firm turned this feature on, send a notification to your tax preparer when you've uploaded all the required documents. 
  • New chat: create a chat thread with the accountant. More on this here.

Reviewing your balance

If you have any invoices due, the outstanding balance is displayed at the top right of your dashboard. Here, you’ll also see your credits—the money you have available for paying future invoices.

Note: this block is shown if your firm turned the feature on.

Work in progress

If your firm turned this feature on, in the Work in progress section, you'll be able to see details about the current stage of the service your firm is performing for you. So, you don't need to ask them or look through all chat messages and emails to know the actual status of the service.

Note: this block is shown if your firm turned the feature on.

Get in touch with your accountant

Whether you need the firm’s street address, Facebook page, or phone number, you’ll always find those details in the bottom right Contact info section of your dashboard.

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